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Sofas are like cars, the moment they leave the store, their value will drop by 20%, and thus you will likely stick with yours for years to come.

If we have to pick the most important piece of furniture in a home, it most likely has to be the sofa (agree, the bed is a very strong contender here;). Sofas are definitely the heart of any living or family room, witnesses of the oh so well deserved spare time; home to the family’s game and movie nights, where we all relax and unwind.

So what exactly should you look for when buying a new sofa?

Here is our quick guide for you.

The 5 W’s Method

I use the W’s method to gather all the information whenever I am starting a new job. I ask the following questions; Who, What, Where, When, Why.

In this case:

Who will use the sofa?
What will it be used for?
Where will it stand?
When will it be used (and how often)?
Why do you need a new sofa?

Jotting down the answers will enable you to quickly receive a personalised description about the one and only piece you are looking for.

Let me explain the process through an example.

Lisa is 35, lives with her partner, two young children and their dog. They have many friends and they like to entertain. Some of their family lives out of town, often visiting them over the holidays.

Who: Lisa, her partner, the children, friends, even the dog.

What: Kids watching TV, family movie nights, entertaining friends, place to sleep for overnight visitors

Where: Living room (measurements are essentials here, as we need to know exactly how much space there is for the furniture. Don’t forget about traffic, doorways or even blocking the view)

When: Every day

Why: “I am redecorating and would like a sofa that is aligned with the rest of the décor” (feel free to come up with any reasoning you have).

All we need to do at this point is to work with the data we’ve gathered.

Small children and pets mean Lisa will need to choose an upholstery material that is durable (I would probably recommend commercial grade fabric in darker colours, probably something that is washable). It is also important to make sure that the sofa has quality padding.

The furniture has to sit many people at the same time, plus it serves as a bed on occasions.

By measuring the space we know that we can “think big”, so a sectional would be the optimal choice with a foldout sofa bed extension.

Answering the last question will lead to your personal taste, choice and inspiration. It is you and only you who truly know what makes you happy.

Go with your gut! Be bold! Be daring! Choose something that makes you smile! After all, it’s going to be a long-term relationship.

Have fun shopping!

Vivien xx


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