Are you sitting on a goldmine?


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Read our tips and tricks on how to rediscover and refurbish your home and existing furniture without spending a lot of money.

I see this all the time. People own beautiful pieces of furniture, artwork, and have a house with great potential. Yet, everything is hidden, crowded and rather chaotic, so you get the impression that the best thing would be to sell the lot on Gumtree and start fresh.

If you can relate to this, it’s time to rethink. Maybe also to call for professional help.

Great interior design is not about buying expensive furniture and setting you up for the latest trend. The real craft of designing the perfect space is about how to rediscover and reuse everything that’s already there.

Anything a person acquired in a lifetime is part of his personality and personal story. A good interior designer embraces this and builds on it.


We were lucky to take part in a project where our clients had already collected the most amazing pieces. All we had to do was to find the right place for everything, create a setting where they all could shine, and refurbish some of the not so young pieces.


The result? Our clients felt they stepped into a completely new house, yet it felt like home straight away. Everything was familiar and had a beautiful memory attached to it. All this, without spending a bucket load of money or rebuilding anything.



A fresh coat of paint, new window treatment, a great cabinet maker and some tricks of ours have done the job!

If you think you are ready to rediscover your home and dig into your own goldmine, we are here to lend you a helping hand! See more photos of these project.




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