Grey Is Anything But


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Who said grey is boring?

Or white for that matter. Less is more and using the monochrome palette never fails to make a space look timeless and elegant (and a little bit sexy).

I usually start off with the interior designer equivalent of our favourite Little Black Dress from fashion and build up everything from there. If it’s Location, Location, Location in real estate, it must be Quality, Quality, Quality in interior design. High-end quality pieces bring their own beauty and humble elegance while we keep everything else simple and subtle.

My secret when designing with monochrome palette

Before I do anything with a new project, I will pick a piece of accessory or art. This will be my inspiration, and also my cheat sheet. It gives me guidelines to the style, genre and even accent colours. And although accessories and artworks are known as the finishing touches, and their main role is to pull everything together, who said we can’t have the perfect gown before the wedding day?

Check out this Perth Penthouse to see how we created the perfect monochrome en-suite above the city.




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