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Display Apartment, Luxury

Art Deco Inspired Display Apartment

Because Art Deco has always been the signature style of classic inner city living, we chose to salute to its tradition in this high-end display apartment in East Perth.

Art Deco or Style Moderne is a movement that originated in Paris in 1925 and stormed across Western Europe and the United States. If you ever been to New York you know that the most famous buildings in Manhattan were designed under the influence of Art Deco. (We are big fans of Art Deco so if you are our soul mate, here is a map for you for next time you are in The Big Apple. You’re welcome:)

Art Deco is all about geometry. Not the scary stuff from school, but the ornamented streamlined shapes and forms appearing on every surface. The most beautiful example of the breathtaking randomness created with symmetry can be seen in The Great Gatsby. (Along with DiCaprio, yay bonus joy). As Art Deco is hugely inspired by nature, the motifs come from foliage, birds, even the sun. Architects and designers also looked for the exotic and used decorative ideas from Egypt or early classical sources. They then simplified and conventionalized these elements, and used them repetitively.

Luxury Furniture

The hero piece of the apartment is the sofa and armchair designed by luxury furniture designer Christopher Guy. (I suggest you take a tour at his website as his pieces are exquisite). We then paired these up with marble topped nesting coffee tables from Contempo. As for the entertainment unit, we actually used a buffet sideboard. It had an etched brass front resembling the feathers of a peacock. The cushion on the sofa, as well as the towels in the bathrooms we sourced from Missoni.

We dressed the living room with materials like walnut, marble, brass, glass and gold, and then carried them trough to the bedrooms and the hallway. In the bedrooms, we used silver and gold themes and toned them down with luxurious white cotton bed sheets. To elevate the main bedroom, we placed a hand-knotted silk rug under the bed.



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