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Arthur G

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Commercial Interior, Luxury

Warm and welcoming lobby featuring Arthur G


One of the finest examples of the versatility and elegance of Arthur G is showcased in the lobby we designed for the residential development in East Perth.

Arthur G is an Australian furniture manufacturer representing true craftsmanship and exquisite design. They produce every piece by hand using the best quality materials and unique skills. As designers, we think holistically, thus selecting the right products for any project starts with finding the right sources. Arthur G is hence one of our favourites. Their environmentally conscious approach, humbleness towards their trade and openness when it comes to design is the ultimate winning combo in our book. Plus, their system allows us to fully customise every detail, giving us plenty of creative freedom. Hence, when scheduling pieces by Arthur G, we can actively take part of the production process.


The Brief

When we started on the design for the lobby of the 24 storey luxury apartment development in Perth, we had a clear vision. We wanted to create a welcoming space that already felt like home. Thus we brought warmth to the airy space to ground it. A lobby can be (and unfortunately usually is) extremely generic and impersonal, lacking identity and definition. Too often I see a lobby that ‘doesn’t work’ due to undefined function and personality. It’s not enough to just throw in a few chairs to make people actually wanna sit there. Armed with this knowledge we started the process by designing the right colour and texture palette.


The Design

We decided using blond timber, pendants made from recycled cardboard, leather and silk. The colours varied from light sand to dark chocolate brown and different shades and hues in between. Because the lobby is fairly small but has a very high ceiling, the proportions of the space were completely unbalanced. Hence we proposed to use oversized pendant lights in a cluster, a bold move and possibly one of the best design choice we ever made. Thanks to the clients who gave us their full trust (which is necessary for archiving greatness), we received the green light. Once we installed the gorgeous Graypants Disc pendants, everything else fell into place.  We selected the Max chairs and Harry sofa in Tasman Sorrento leather from Arthur G. The silk rug and the beautiful original painting were the perfect finishing touches for this awesome lobby.

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