Decoration, Display Apartment


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Decoration, Display Apartment

Contemporary design is about the basics of line, shape and form, and that is just what we concentrated on in this display apartment. We used neutral elements and bold coloured prints to create a very subtle look.  The timeless soft tones of greys and creams served as the perfect starting point.

Clean, low lines are essential in contemporary design. Thus we selected a cool sectional sofa with simple contours. We used beautiful, good quality furniture from Camerich. These pieces are not only extremely handsome but they are strongly built and well crafted. Sturdiness is an important criterion when it comes to high traffic areas like a display. The kitchen had a large surface of dark veneer finish which we found a bit overwhelming. Hence we introduced black veneer and white marble. In the bedrooms, we played with the green, blue, turquoise, and mint accent colours,  layering them over the monochrome base.

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