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Renovation, Residential Home

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In with the old and let them shine! – This was our motto when assisting our clients with the renovation of their beautiful family home. We helped them rediscovering their home and rethink of how it could be used for the two of them. (And when their adult children, the grandkids and most of all, the furbabies come to visit:).

Our favourite part of the design process was the incorporation of their unique pieces of art and furniture. (Apart from the fact that we dealt with the loveliest clients ever!)

We invited our trusted team of window decorators, painters, electricians and carpenters to this project, who worked tirelessly and produced a superb outcome. Together we repainted the rooms, refurbished and reupholstered the furniture, dressed the windows, installed new pendants and repaired antique table lamps. And finally, of course, we also introduced a few new item, like the sofa from King Living and the coffee table from West Elm.

Like on TV, there were many happy tears and big fat hugs at the reveal! Click here if you would like to read more about this renovation.


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