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Commercial Interior

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Dividing one room into different areas, we created a fun a functional lounge room for this high-end apartment development. When an open space needs to cater for different needs and many people the challenge is to maintain the flow whilst creating separation. Upon receiving the brief we knew that we don’t want this space to feel like a hospital waiting room. We really wanted to create a hub for the residents of the building. Thus we started the design process with emphasising to find out what the residents could do in a communal space. Many ideas came up on the design map from throwing birthday parties to hosting business meetings. Hence we started to think how we could stretch the room and create a very flexible design for this residential lounge. For start, we chose the

For start, we chose the Ofset from Arthur G, as our design staple. This sofa is like a furniture built from LEGO. Its pieces can be swept around. Also, because it doesn’t have a front or a back it is approachable from every angle. When selecting the finishes we went with the amazing and extremely durable felt fabrics from InStyle, choosing different combinations of bright bold colours. Once we created this little islands we emphasised the seating area by hanging handmade paper pendants in a cluster. The scale of these lights created instant movement and turned this room into an inspiring and surprising space.  Adding a kitchenette that also converts into a workstation extended the functionality.  Next, the foldout table serves as dining or meeting table for both small and large groups. One of the most exciting parts of the design was the use of Bolon carpet, a Swedish commercial grade flooring solution produced from recycled materials.

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